WordPress… lets give it a go..

I’ve recently been helping my wife with getting her  business off the ground, mainly around the online shop element (www.mahina.co.uk)…  As a result of this I ended up with a hosting account that I didn’t really need for it’s original purpose..  Thinking I’d hang onto it as it would be of use I’m sure at some point I then decided to have a play with WordPress…

Now, in days gone by unfortunately, I was once a software developer and although still remain in the industry, I’m in quite a different role and more akin to spreadsheets and programmes as opposed to code.. however, I love how the web and development has matured to allow more non-coders access to highly customisable web sites and hosting accounts that now allow a huge amount of what was once limited to a few options without really ever seeing a piece of code let alone having to write any..

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can still see a huge place for writing code and experience first hand how with a multitude of applications each with their own sets of data, can open up a new set of dynamic applications to make use of that data in how ever we want to and get this to market very quickly..

It does take me back a while to a point towards the end of when I wrote code when I and a friend had started playing with gps on mobile devices and being able to track your journey, admittedly the battery technology was a little behind so tended to kill the device quite quickly, but obviously being not the only one who had been playing with it at the time did generate a large number of uses and application to make use of this data that we now tend to take for granted..

Oh how time flies and here to the developers of the world who do things sometimes because ‘they can’ as opposed to to solve an immediate business problem… without those people technology wouldn’t move so quickly and effectively make it mainstream as quickly.

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